Friday, 17 July 2015

Windsong Chimes: Soothing Melodious Tinkle to Adore

How blissful it feels hearing the soothing tinkle sound made by the wind chimes. Wind chimes are basically a small decorative arrangement that is hung on a frame, usually near a door or window. It produces melodious tinkles each time when wind causes them to swing. The musical notes produced by wind chimes are believed to carry positive chi energy in them, eradicating all the negative energy from then environment and bringing serenity and calmness. If you want to enhance the appeal of your home d├ęcor and want to associate the positive influences these wind chimes are believed to bring, then the best source to get high quality handcrafted wind chimes is Windsong Chimes.

Windsong Chimes is manufacturing the instrument quality handmade wind chimes, designed beautifully to match the style of every home. Each material produces a distinctive sound. At Windsong Chimes, they use a wide variety of materials including rose gum, camphor laurel, pine and aluminium to produce different soothing notes. They have a wide range of beautiful wind chimes, and you can actually listen to the tunes produced by these chimes by clicking the play button. This way, you can make a well-informed decision regarding your selection.

Not just they sell wind chimes, but they even have classic and elegant collection of rain chains. If you are looking for high quality rain chains for sale, then Windsong Chimes is your one-stop destination. Shop for beautiful and elegant rain chains and offer yourself the lenity of listening to the serene sound produced by the water flowing through to the ground. These rain chains work best when attached to rain gutter, but you can use them wherever there is water flow. These gutter chains are made up of copper, and are rust free. With the passage of time, they will develop beautiful patina finish that will add more to the appeal of these rain chains.

At Windsong Chimes, they ship internationally and ever offer wholesale services for those who intend to sell these products in retail. All the wind chimes and rain chains are handcrafted in Australia and cover 3 years guarantee on all products.

About Windsong Chimes:

Windsong Chimes is a family owned company that has been making premium quality handcrafted wind chimes and rain chains since 1985.

So if you want to buy beautiful and premium quality wind chimes or rain chains, visit

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